Below, we’ve collected the 10 best Bakery Products to sell in the bakery and an extra list of other most popular products to sell in the bakery. In this article, you will also find some of the most profitable bakery business ideas and tips to help you maximize your bakery profits.

1. Cakes 
Cakes are one of the most profitable products sold in most bakeries. The most popular types are chocolate cake, red velvet cake, cream cake, strawberry cake, cheesecake, carrot cake, banana cake, rainbow-colored cake, or unicorn cake.

2. Cookies
Cookies are another of the most profitable products to sell in a bakery. Due to their small size and cheap production cost, their profit margin is high. The best-selling types of cookies are chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, gingerbread cookies, and peanut butter cookies.

3. Bread 
Bread is usually one of the top 3 best-selling products in most bakeries. The best-selling types of bread are especially white bread, multigrain sourdough, brown bread, whole grain bread, and brioche.

4. Buns 
Buns are another of the top-selling products in bakeries in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world. The most popular types of buns are plain, sesame, ciabatta, milk, cream, and whole grain buns.

5. Bagels
Bagels are one of the most popular baked goods sold in bakeries. The best-sellers are plain bagels, bagels with grains (with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, or a mix of grains), as well as pumpernickel bagels, salt bagels, blueberry, and egg bagels.

6. Sweet rolls
The best-selling types of sweet rolls are cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon rolls. One of the best goods to sell in a bakery.

7. Puff pastry
Puff pastry is a great seller and one of the top must-haves of any bakery. The most popular is puff pastry with cheese, apple, vanilla, ham, chicken, spinach, Nutella, strawberry, and raspberry.

8. Mini pizza & Pizza slices
A popular product that brings in big profits in many bakeries is mini pizzas or slices of whole freshly baked pizza. This is a good way to attract additional customers to the bakery. After all, a lot of people love pizza.

9. Sandwiches
A great product that sells well in almost every bakery is also sandwiches, especially with ham, cheese, tomato, chicken, and egg.

10. Donuts
A very popular product that should not be missing from any bakery is also donuts. The most popular types of donuts are glazed donuts, chocolate-filled donuts, peanut donuts, fuit-filled donuts, cream-filled donuts, and powdered donuts.

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